Roselyn Milagros Sanchez Rodriguez was born in beautiful city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, the 2nd of April 1973. She grew up with her parents, Olga and Efrain, and her three older brothers. Since she was very young, Roselyn loved to dance and her mother sent her to piano and dance lessons when she was 4 and 6. "When I was four, my mother started sending me for ballet and piano lessons. I thought I’d be either a figure skater or a boxer, but we don’t have ice in Puerto Rico.” After primary school, secondary school and high school in San Juan, Roselyn took some marketing courses at the University of San Juan,  but after three years, she decided to drop out college. Before becoming an actress, she won two beauty pageant, in 1993 she was miss Puerto Rico Petite and one year later, America petite. Roselyn didn't speak English at the time and she sometimes had some difficulties to understand questions during the beauty contests. "I trained with a coach to answer every possible question in English. Then I was asked about my leadership qualities, and I freaked out. I started crying and asked for a translator. I apologized to the audience, and they thought it was so sweet. Ultimately, I won"."Girls who compete are very tall, and I'm only 5'5...But I wanted to be a beauty Queen" she admitted during an interview on Without a trace set.


Roselyn appeared in the famous Puerto Rican show Que vacilon. After that, she decided to move to New york in order to to fulfill her dream. She justify Puerto Rico when she was 21years old. In New York City, Roselyn took  singing classes and acting classes, and tried to learn English by herself. "I thought it would be easy. I thought it'd take me one year to be Salma Hayek. New York doesn't care who you are or where you came from." But without money, Roselyn started working in a restaurant as a waitress and was leaving in the Bronx. This experience will make her write a one-woman show, Out Here on My Own that she will play at Duplex in Manhattan.  “I invited my parents and they came, and my father cried when he saw it. He didn’t know that I would dress like a little boy in the Bronx and walk to the bus, to the subway, and then go to McDonald’s to put on my makeup and change. Or that I was taking the subway late at night. I was a baby. I didn’t know how to write a check. I didn’t know what credit was."

Roselyn's biggest role in New York was her role in CBS show As The World turns in 1996 and 1997. She portrayed Pilar Domingo, the first latino character of the show. After this role, she decided to move to Los Angeles. In LA, Roselyn portrayed Lily Arguelo in  Fame L.A during years 1997 and 1998. This role will give her a nomination to the Alma Awards in 1998. After Fame LA, she shot Held Up with Jamie Foxx and portrayed Kim Veras in Ryan Caufiled : Year One, a serie from the FOX network, in 1999.

The year after, Roselyn was chosen by Rush Hour 2 producers to play Isabel Molina  and co starred Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. In 2002, Roselyn joins Boat Trip cast with Horatio Sanz and Cuba gooding Jr. Her role was made for an english speaker, but Roselyn still got the job. "With Boat Trip, they had written the part for an Anglo. But my manager convinced them there was no reason it couldn’t be me instead. It was not relevant to the story line.” Roselyn also was featured in the big thriller Basic with John Travolta. "That was the most challenging job I’ve done" said Roselyn about it, because of the rain. The same year, Roselyn joins Chasing Papi's cast where she was playing Lorena Morales, a lawyer who tried to win Tomas "Papi" 's heart at the same time that two other girls, Cici and Patricia. And then, always during 2003, Roselyn's record Borinquena was released.


In 2004, Roselyn portrayed Elena Macias in the TV show L.A Dragnet.  She co-stars one of her best friend in life,  Eva Longoria. Next year, she did play in Kojak as Carmen Warrik. It's also the same year that Roselyn shot Cayo, a puerto rican movie in which she played Julia, a girl in the middle of a Love triangle. She also played in The Underclassman with Nick Cannon and Shooting Gallery with Freddie Prinze Jr. Roselyn was also casted the same year by the crew of Desperate Housewives but she won't obtain the role of Gabrielle because of her accent. I'm perfectly bilingual, but I'm never going to sound like Sandra Bullock." She shot Yellow, a movie she wrote and produced, and was casted by Without a trace crew in the same time. The creator of the show, Hank Steinberg wanted to add a new character and Roselyn will be chosen to play Elena Delgado for four years, until the show cancellation in 2009. Roselyn met some very good friends during this work. "I love, love, love my co-stars." she said. And they love her too. Poppy Montgomery is one of her best friends ever. They're still in touch now. "Roselyn doesn't have any vice because she's perfect." said Poppy Montgomery.

In 2006, Roselyn portrayed Monique Vasquez in The Game Plan, a Disney production featuring Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson. In August 2008 she won her first alma award, the alma award of the "outstanding actress in a TV Drama serie for her role of Elena Delgado in without a trace.  On a personnal side, Roselyn is living a beautiful love story with actor Eric Winter, an "americanito" whom is the "nicest man" to her eyes. The lovers met during an hollywood event in 2005 and Roselyn just loved the way he introduced himself. They got married 29th of november in 2008 in Puerto Rico, and are now the parents of a little girl named Sebella Rose. Roselyn latest movies, The Perfect Sleep and Venus & Vegas released in 2009. Roselyn also wrote one episode of Without a trace, Once Lost focused on Elena and her past. Sadly, Without a trace has been cancelled in may 2009.

In July 2009, Roselyn did guest star on USA's network TV Show Royal Pains, in the role of Sophia, a very difficult Spanish patient with a crazy in love boyfriend. The same year, she shot a new movie Act Of Valor about the NAVY SEALS. Roselyn is very involved in charity work and also in Animal Charity. She is still the Godmother of the San Jorge Children's foundation, and she recently created her own Triathlon for Life which did take place in Puerto Rico, on the 21 of March 2010 and recently, May, 1st 2011. During february and may 2011, she played on stage in Los Monologuos de la Vagina in Miami. Her newest movie, Act of Valor, released february, 17th 2012.
In 2012, Roselyn has been chosen to join Marc Cherry's new pilot Devious Maids for the ABC network. After a first cancellation by ABC, the show got finally produced and aired on Lifetime TV. She's currently filming Season 4 of Devious Maids in Atlanta. Back in 2012, Roselyn filmeda pilot in Colombia, named Familia En Venta, for Fox Telecolombia. Roselyn is also back to music and recorded a new single called Pick Up Your Game, with the hit star Flo Rida.