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First Name : Roselyn

Last Name : Sanchez

Full Name : Roselyn Milagros Sanchez Winter

Birthday : 2nd, April 1973

Zodiac : Aries

Home : Studio City, CA

Private Life : Roselyn is married since Nov 29, 2008 to actor Eric Winter. They both have two kids, Sebella Rose (2012) and Dylan Gabriel (2017).

Family : Olga Rodriguez and Efrain Sanchez are Roselyn's parents. Roselyn has 3 older brothers, Carlos Ivan, Efrain and Jorge.

Pets : Archie and Maraca. Her previous dogs Mota, Uzo, Jack and Lily (Eric's bulldog) died.

Passions : Dance, boxing, animals

✪ Roselyn studied marketing at San Juan university before she dropped out and moved to New York to become an actress.
✪ When she moved to New York, Roselyn didn't speak a word of English.
✪ She was Miss Puerto Rico Petite in 1993 and Miss America Petite en 1994
✪ Roselyn is a great singer. She made her own record in 2003 nammed " Borinquena" which means "little puerto rican girl".
✪ Roselyn loves dogs and is very involved about the stray dogs (and cats) issue in Puerto Rico.
✪ She has 2 dogs now, Archie and Maraca. Her other dogs Jack, Uzo, Mota and Lily died.
✪ When she was little, Roselyn wanted to be a boxer.
✪ Roselyn was ranked 50th of the most beautiful girl of the world in 2002 by "Stuff" magazine.
✪ Roselyn is featured in clips "Hidden Agenda" and "Personal" of singer Craig David in 2003.
✪ Roselyn is featured in the clip "Make Me Better" of singer Fabulous
✪ Roselyn is featured in the clip "Nadie como Ella" of singer Mark Anthony (1995)
✪ Roselyn is featured in the clip "Loco" of singer Enrique Iglesias(2013)
✪ Roselyn was ranked #33 of the 100th most "hot" women by Maxim in 2007.
✪ She recently appeared nude in a PETA campain to fight against fur.
✪ Roselyn loves singer Sade, and her favorite actress is Puerto Rican actress Rita Moreno.
✪ Roselyn was ranked #70 of the 100th most "hot" women by Maxim in 2008.
✪ On 17th of august 2008, Roselyn won the Alma Award of the most oustanding actress in a TV Drama" for her role Elena Delgado in Without a trace.
✪ When she was a little girl in Puerto Rico, she went to school with Ricky Martin.
✪ Roselyn loves feet and men who wear sandals. Her favorite part of a man is the torso
✪ Instead of becoming actress, Roselyn wanted to be a great singer and also a dancer.
✪ Roselyn was ranked #90 of the 100th most "hot" women by Maxim in 2009.
✪ Roselyn and her husband Eric are ambassadors of Operation Smile, an association to help Children with diceases.
✪ Roselyn uses Twitter and loves it. She also creates her official Facebook page in 2009, then her Instagram where she is very active !
✪ Roselyn did the casting (as her friend Eva Longoria) for the role of Gabrielle Solis in Despeate Housewives. Marc Cherry loved her but didn't want Gabrielle to have such a strong accent. But years later, he created for her the role of Carmen Luna in Devious Maids.
✪ Roselyn organized a Triatlon for life called "The Roselyn Sanchez Triathlon For Life" in order to help kids with diceases. It took place the 7th of March 2010  in San Juan, Pr, with a lot celebrities, and the year after, on May 1st, still in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Now her charity events are called RS Events For Life.
✪ Roselyn posed naked against fur and animal cruelty for PETA.
✪ Roselyn's favorite actress is Meryl Streep.
✪ Roselyn officially announced to be pregnant with her first child (a girl) on August 12th, 2011, via her official Facebook and Twitter.
✪ Roselyn sang two songs in Devious Maids, "Si Te Quiero" and "Mi Vida"
✪ Roselyn gave birth to her second child, a son named Dylan Gabriel Winter on Nov. 3rd 2017.
✪ in 2017 Roselyn and her husband Eric Winter created a Children book about latin dances called "Sebi and the Land of Chachacha" also available in Spanish and illustrated by Nivea Ortiz.
✪ Roselyn acted for the first time with her husband in August 2019 in a Lifetime "feel good" movie, "A taste of Summer."